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Hunters’ Marsh

19 December 2013

The Wyke, Addingford, Calder Valley, 4 p.m.

Four men (& two spaniels) discuss their strategy. Two take up position by a thorn tree to the left of the marsh while the other two set off with the spaniels towards the far side but soon the Canada geese on the rough pasture beyond start honking in alarm and take off in flock of fifty or more, splitting into two groups as they encounter the guns on the left.

There's a 'crakkk! crakkk! . . . crakkk! crak!' of shot guns but no sign of any casualties.

A dog-walking couple are walking by on the canal towpath; 'Isn't it awful!' says the woman.

'Someone's got to get Christmas dinner!' I suggest.

'They should buy it!' says the woman indignantly.