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Mouse Behaviour

Sunday, 18th August 2002, West Yorkshire

dustsheetThere's an old bed sheet which we've used as a dustsheet for years which has been sitting on the shelf in the garden shed. When I take it out and unfold it I discover that some of the cotton fibres have been chewed and fluffed up into a ball the size of a tennis ball,ball of fibres leaving several holes in the sheet. It has probably served as the winter home for some wood mice.

This happened a few years ago. We had left a parasol propped against the shelf and when I unfurled it the following summer I found that several holes had been nibbled into it.

Hovering Mouse

I'm making my way through the canon of Sherlock Holmes stories at the moment and I feel as if I've been engaged in detective work for much of the rainy afternoon. I've seen a way of presenting links in other web sites that I'd like to try on mine. It takes several hours of sifting through the source code of a web page to find the bit I want, and then it doesn't quite work as I'd hoped. In the end I e-mail my internet guru friend Wendy who soon puts me right.

My idea is to get the links to change colour when you hover over them with a mouse. And to get rid of the underscore. Like this;

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Whether this will make it any easier for readers to navigate remains to be seen, but it's fun trying out these things. I wish I had more time to fiddle with the design of my page

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