Lifting the Lid

Thursday, 27th January 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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compost bin

As the bottom of an empty compost bin lies a large garden snail. Lifting the lid is like looking into a secret world.

garden snail

I'm continuing cleaning the greenhouse. I find that plain cold water works almost as well as hot soapy water for brushing off the algae. It's surprising how we've become accustomed to seeing the greenhouse as an opaquely green object; seeing it as transparent again makes a difference to the appearance of the whole garden.

Growing along the struts on the roof are bobbles of cushion moss, some bristling with reddish sporangia. I brush them off, aware that I'm removing a habitat that wrens and blue tits like to probe for insects and spiders.

A robin is the first bird to come to search the freshly-dug shrub bed. Next Page

cushion moss

Richard Bell,

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