Park Road School

Wednesday, 4th January 2006

Park Road SchoolWhile Barbara and her mum take a tour around the aisles of Tesco, Batley, I head for the café and sit with a hot chocolate and flapjack to draw whatever I can see from the window, which happens to be the Park Road Junior and Infant School, originally St Aude's or St Paul's (can't make out the arts and craft carved lettering from here) built in 1878 from local sandstone. It stands at the opposite side of the Bradford Road from the supermarket in a part of Batley known as Bank Foot. There's a Victorian chapel to the left of it, at the junction of Blackburn Place and Park Road. The terraces of Stanley Place and Stockwell Drive stand on the hillside beyond it.

sparrowI've been reading Clare Walker Leslie's Drawn to Nature, so I'm trying to find something natural wherever I go. The Tesco car park doesn't have a lot to offer. Black-headed gulls drift over while this sparrow was hopping about below the trolleys parked outside the window. Next Page

Richard Bell,