Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Just about my Barrow

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2007
HAVING SPENT the first part of this week dealing with a great pile of office jobs including accounts and computer problems, at 5 o’clock I decide to give myself an hour or so off to do a drawing.

I start with a dip pen and Nan-King Indian ink, my current favourite as it flows so well, dries reasonably quickly and gives a dense black. Unlike the Noodler’s it doesn’t have a tendency to run into the paler washes.

All the efforts I made to get to know my way around my pocket-sized watercolour box have paid off, because the colours are now in a logical order and I know where to go to get, for example, a cooler slightly yellower blue or a warmer, slightly redder version. Useful to know when you’re mixing greens.

Don’t think that the rave reviews and success of Rough Patch have gone to my head, I haven’t gone out and bought a second wheel barrow; the one behind the crab apple tree is one that my mother-in-law was given years ago and, as it just sat in her outhouse, she asked us if we’d Rough Patchlike it.

But I’d find it hard to throw out our old one - currently full of hawthorn logs which are destined to become a habitat pile - which was the cover star on my garden wildlife sketchbook.

By the way, Rough Patch has just been re-launched at a new, lower price; £8.95. You can order a copy from my Willow Island website, while stocks last.