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A Mugs Game

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Saturday, 4th October 2008


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Amazing how popular I become with Tess (a friend’s dog) when I start eating a Jaffa cake!

IT FEELS like autumn this morning as I walk down to dig up the first of our leeks. When I planted our Japanese winter onion sets a month ago, I spread a small square of horticultural fleece over them. As they’re now sprouting, Barbara removed the fleece yesterday.


Underneath, between the onions, there were three one inch diameter holes, presumably vole burrows. So many holes had been nibbled in the fleece that it disintegrated as Barbara peeled it off. No doubt, during the drier weather, they’d used it to line their nests.


A soft raised bed, a fleece spread over it. I’ve made those voles very comfortable, haven’t I?