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Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Monday, 2nd June 2008

WHEN I DREW Sox the border collie at my book launch it created so much interest that I realised that I should write a book on drawing dogs too. I like drawing friends’ dogs at rest on their home territory, a contrast to the fleeting views you get of most wild British mammals.


Harvey the border terrier was more of a challenge because his master, Simon, a local joiner, was doing some work for us at the time. However much Harvey was asked to sit for me, as soon as there was the sound of hammering or sawing in the next room he had to turn to see what was going on.


Eventually I realised that if I was going to draw him I’d have to settle for the back view!


He backed up closer and closer to me, and as I was kneeling on the floor to get down to his level, he ended up sitting on my knee!


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