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Sweet Corn

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Tuesday, 19th August 2008


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WE SOWED OUR sweet corn a little earlier this year. Last year it grew vigorously but, perhaps because it was so dull and wet, the cobs didn’t swell. These have made a start.


We’re growing them in a 6 ft x 4 ft raised bed along with borlotti beans and courgettes. Some of the borlottis are climbing a metal arch which spans the path, others are growing up a wigwam, which is appropriate because this ‘three sisters’ method of companion planting was (& still is) used by native Americans.


My half an hour a day in the garden is progressing well. I’ve now hacked back around the edges and I’m ready to clear some of the vegetable beds, ready for the next crops which will take us through the autumn.