Eric writing phone numbers on raffle tickets

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Craft Fair

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary,  Sunday,  1st November 2009, page 1 of 2

people at the craft fair
lady with bag

IT’S PROBABLY 20 years since I was last in the Primrose Hall, Horbury. It was closed for years but it’s recently been restored and it’s in almost constant use now as its such a pleasant venue for yoga classes, keep fit and, today, a craft fair.


Returned to the Hall is a 1930s portrait of the chairman of the liberal Primrose League, who donated the land. In the 1960s I remember the local conservative club holding events here as my parents were on the committee. For one Halloween dance my mum made a life-size witch on a broomstick which hung from the ceiling, complete with papier mâché mask painted fluorescent green and illuminated by a lamp concealed in her costume (the witch’s costume that is, not my mum’s).

Visitors at the watercolour stall (little realising they were themselves being painted).

Eric was kept busy writing phone numbers on the backs of raffle tickets.

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