Across the Tracks

Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire Nature Diary, Monday, 15th February 2010

engine shed

sweat shirtWHEN I see film of West Yorkshire from the 1970s, at the time of the miner's strike for instance, there is often a grey misty haze over the landscape, much as there has been today. Did we have a run of overcast weather during the decade? Did the film stock used at the time give a grey tinge to everything? Or did the coal fires then burning in many houses put quantities of soot into the air?

The mist has been washed away by this afternoon's rain.

The engine shed (above) stands near the site of Horbury Station which closed curtain railabout 40 years ago. I always think it's a shame that they don't re-open it. Because of government and European guidelines, development funds get channeled into other communities, leaving middling towns like Horbury right at the end of the queue. For instance, Belle Vue in Wakefield has just been graced with some crisply graphic street banners, designed by my friend John Welding, celebrating the suburb's past and present while Horbury gets public information banners (definitely not designed by anyone with the visual flare of John Welding) fixed to its lamp posts, appealing for foster parents.