Drill Bits

Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire Nature Diary, Thursday, 18th February 2010

drillingdrill bitsdrill bit

WORKING IN the confined roof-space, I found that my old drill bit seemed more effective at generating smoke through friction rather than cutting a hole. When I took away the makeshift support that I'd been holding the panel in place with, the sheet of chipboard dropped down immediately; the screw didn't have anywhere near enough grip to hold it in place so I went down to the local builders' merchants and got some advice on which screws and drill bits to use. As I tend to break the smaller sizes of drill bits, I bought a couple of spares too.


These screws are made in Ennepetal on the Ruhr in Germany. Nearby you can visit the Kluterthöhle, Germany's largest natural cave, while the line of what was the longest streetcar track in the country is now a walk and bicycle route.