Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Tuesday 27th April 1999

marsh, oilseed rape IT SEEMS THAT one in every eight fields is brilliant yellow with oilseed rape.

Wren and Willow Warbler are singing in the wood. The Wild Garlic now has a smattering of white flower, but most of the leaves have lost that fresh look and are now the worse for wear, spotted with light blotches.

Vanessa A new pony, a Welsh Cob called Kessie, (her registered name is Vanessa, but she certainly isn't a Nessie by nature), arrives in the meadow behind our house; minutes after her release from the van she seems at ease, but it will take a while for her to become accustomed to the new field, the new sounds. At least she has been on her own, at times, before.

Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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