Barbed Wire

Wild West Yorkshire nature diary
Monday 9th August 1999

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kessie, a Welsh pony KESSIE, a neighbours horse, is looking better now, without her bandage. She was ill a month or so ago and our neighbours called in the vet when they spotted the end of a piece of wire sticking out of her side. An x-ray and operation followed, the large wound has taken sometime to heal. But she looks healthy and confident again.

garden snail The weather has turned cool and overcast. Butterflies aren't in evidence, but Bumble Bees, with their insulating fur are still active, although not so much as on a sunny day. A Garden Snail crosses the pavement.
seedhead of wild carrotwild carrot I've been puzzling for a while over a weed in the front garden. It looks like a more delicate version of Cow Parsley, which was in flower in the spring. With a closer look I notice long bracts, like spurs, trailing from the individual flower clusters of the umbel. It is Wild Carrot. The foliage is exactly like the tops of garden carrots.

carrot leaf

Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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