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Wednesday afternoon, 11th August 1999

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canal du nordAFTER THE ECLIPSE, we picnic by the lock. There's crusty bread, Saint Nectaire cheese and a small bottle of Bordeaux. I can't think of a better way to celebrate. Our thanks to our hosts Philippe and Myriam.

blackberry Philippe goes picking blackberries, (mures) by the towpath to make eclipse jam.

hotel de ville, PeronneEdouard
After the tension of getting through the traffic, and the anxiety of how much cloud there would be during the vital minutes, it is good to go and relax at a pavement cafe, La Semeuse, overlooking the square and the Hotel de Ville in nearby Peronne.

tarn from the ramparts, Peronne Edouard keeps an eye on passers by, proving that not all French poodles are called Fifi.

There are old ramparts overlooking a small tarn in a park beyond an old gateway.

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wildlife illustrator

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