The Vole and its Hole

Wild West Yorkshire Nature Diary, Thursday 3rd December 1998

vole There are parts of the lawn where the burrowing of voles has created shallow basins. We've seen wedges of apple left for the birds disappear, with difficulty, into the holes. Unusually, this one stood out in broad daylight, on its hind legs, to survey its territory.

woodpecker We recognised the Green Woodpecker at first by its dipping flight; three flaps then a rest. Another followed after a few seconds, over the fields of the valley side. We don't see the Green as often as the Spotted, but when we do it is generally in the more open country of the valley rather than the wood.

parsley One of the Parsleys, Cow or Hedge, is still in flower at the edge of the lane.

goldcrest A pair of Goldcrests, flitting busily across the canal towards a pine, appeared smaller than the wren we often see here. High pitched calls confirmed their identity.

Bracket fungus on hazel branch overhanging the beck.

hazel bracket

Richard Bell, wildlife illustrator

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