Saturday 9th September 2000, West Yorkshire

Kessy THERE ISN'T MUCH left of Kessy's horse blanket;
'This one was supposed to be the most thorn-proof,' complains her owner, 'we need one that is Kessy-proof!'

Oxford ragwort yarrow or milfoilOn a city centre grass banking, next to the main sorting office in Wakefield, two familiar urban weeds are growing; Dock and Oxford Ragwort (left)but there's also Birdsfoot Trefoil and Yarrow (right), plants that you are as likely to see on clifftops or heathland.
birdsfoot-trefoil Birdsfoot Trefoil gets its country name of Bacon-and-Eggs because of the red streaks that are sometimes seen on its yellow flowers. Birdsfoot refers to the shape of its seedpods.

It's good to see that a plant that is so much part of the country scence that it has attracted more than 70 folk-names is still surviving, even here in the middle of page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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