small hoverfly

Thursday, Fly Day

Thursday 21st September 2000, 1/2
orb webs on the clothes post AFTER YESTERDAY'S HEAVY RAIN, it's a misty morning. The orb webs on the bird table - seven of them - are picked out by tiny droplets which sparkle, backlit by the sun.

It's a time of year when Bluebottles and House-flies find their way inside as soon as you open the back door.

unidentified flyOne fly on the kitchen window is rather different. It's smaller and much thinner than a house-fly. Seen against the light it appears reddish. What distinguishes it form the average fly is its unusual behaviour. Most of the time that it is sitting, or walking slowly on the glass, it moves around its two front legs either together or one at a time, in a mime that reminds me of someone searching for their car keys on a desk in the dark.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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