willow warbler

Dandelion in Autumn

Thursday 28th September 2000, West Yorkshire
greater bindweedautumn dandelion ROADSIDE VERGES are sprinkled yellow by Autumn Dandelion, which, at a glance, looks like a feebler version of the lusher Dandelions that flowered on the same verges in the spring. Autumn Dandelion, which is also known as Autumn Hawkbit, Leontodon autumnalis, usually has branched flowerheads.
house martinsToday we're having a change from the grey, rainy autumn weather that had set in over the past week. Our local House Martins circle under a cerulean blue sky. They swoop down, then sharply up, to take a look at their nests that are sheltered under the barge boarding on the gable end of a neighbour's house. They will soon be making one last inspection before starting their long journey to Africa.

red admiral An olivey warbler - and I have to admit I can't tell whether it is a willow warbler or a chiffchaff - visits the teasels by the our garden pond.

At the edge of a city centre car park, a Red Admiral feeds on a Buddlehia page

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