ash leaf

Glowing Ashes

Tuesday 10th October 2000, West Yorkshire
ash trees AS THE CLOUD moves on, a brilliant beam of sunlight transforms the foliage. Instead of the simple blocks of colour that make such a good subject for watercolour, I'm faced with so much contrast, brightness and colour that I feel I can see every leaf on these Ash trees at the edge of the wood.

My little sketch soon gets over-worked as I pile on more 'dry-brush' watercolour in an attempt to show the contrast between deep shadow and glowing highlights.

watercolours I'm frustrated too because I can't capture the swishing of the leaves in the breeze; a gentle waving, beckoning motion.

While I can't deny that I find it frustrating to be unable to capture on paper a scene that is right there in front of my eyes, I can console myself with the thought that I'm learning from my mistakes and, who knows, next time I might get nearer to capturing that illuminating page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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