Frosted Meadow

Wednesday 27th December 2000, West Yorkshire
the meadow AFTERNOON SUN casts long shadows across the frosted turf of the meadow and turns the tussocks of dead grass into flame-like highlights. The dull, dark texture of the wood comes to life as the tracery of twigs and branches are picked out by bright side-lighting.

hens The cockerel and four hens perch in the last beam of sunlight, lined up on top of a couple of Larsen traps that are stacked on top of next door's kennels.

male house sparrow, winter plumage A dozen House Sparrows perch on the bare branches of a garden tree. Each is an individual, with its own variation of streaky brown plumage. Three of the males have 'fancy dress' markings on their heads and necks; a Lone Ranger mask and Napoleon III beard with a Dickensian white muffler tucked around the page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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