Master of the Meadow

Friday 25th August 2000, West Yorkshire

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mare and foal
A NEIGHBOUR and her grandchild are feeding apples to the horses in the meadow.

'I don't like feeding this one,' she says, 'he pushes away the others and kicks at them.'

stallionShe throws the apples so that they all get a share, even the foal.

The dominant stallion stretches his neck out and flattens back his ears against his head; a gesture of dominance.

wavy hair grass We haven't taken the woodland path so much this summer and it's a surprise how different it looks now that the Soft Grass beneath the oaks has shrivelled. On the steeper banking at the top of the slope Wavy Hair Grass is still deep glossy green.

heron Down at the rushy field by the canal Sparrowhawk and Heron are flying on their evening rounds.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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