Wednesday 30th August 2000, West Yorkshire

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bee on chive flowermarjoram
MINT, CHIVES AND MARJORAM are in flower on the herb bed. Marjoram reminds me of our holidays in Greece where it grows as a wild herb in grassy and rocky places. The weather is far from Mediterranean today and, as I draw this in the late afternoon, there are no butterflies or bees about.

Grandma There is a ray of sunshine today though, at last we have the first few copies of my sister's book Grandma's Guide to the Internet, which I've illustrated with cartoons. It is dedicated by my sister, Linda Ingham to;

'Mother who bravely went on line at the age of 82'.

Obviously if you're reading this you won't need a 'simple guide to get you started sending an e-mail and surfing the World Wide Web (or paddling in it at least)'. But if you'd like a copy for a friend or relative, please send me an e-mail, it's £2.95, post free. It runs to 36 pages, just smaller than A6, and is illustrated with 38 of my cartoons/diagrams.  

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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