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Sunday 27th February 2000

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'Deadman's Lane'the moat around the ruins of Thornhill Hall A GARDENER takes a break to explain to us that the deep narrow track we've climbed into Thornhill is called Deadman's Lane. Cromwell himself is said to have come this way to direct the Civil War siege of Thornhill Hall. Coins of the period occasionally turn up in neighbouring gardens.

old rail

A single rusty rail set in the track at the foot of Millbank, might be a clue that the substantial embankment on this side of the canal was once a railway.

ripples Near Lady Anne's Bridge one fat Frog pauses by the track in her search for a suitable pond in which to spawn.

A flurry of the breeze stirs the surface of the canal as it comes towards us, then turns on the spot to produce an arabesque of ripples.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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