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Thursday 6th January 2000

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jackdaw chick, drawn last summer A PAIR OF JACKDAWS flies over the rooftops and chimneypots in the centre of Horbury. They often have a playful flourish to their flight, suddenly dipping to investigate something that has taken their fancy. They always seem at home here, as they do in most cathedral cities.

gulls at Whitbyherring gull This morning a Lesser Black-backed Gull flies up the valley. The open fields between villages seem to be a regular flyway. A Herring Gull follows along the same flightpath a minute later.

carrion crows As sunset approaches, Carrion Crows take a rather different route, crossing the wood on their way up the valley. They travel in pairs. In the space of twenty minutes, five or six pairs follow the same route.

robin Robins are chasing each other around our back garden. Our resident Blackbird 'White-tail' is also chasing his rivals around a territory which extends from our back garden to the edge of the wood almost a hundred yards away.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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