Lindale Hill

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Monday 17th January 2000

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Lindale Hill, near Wrenthorpe, Wakefield THE PANORAMA from Lindale Hill, to the west of Wakefield, takes in the skyline of the city, Woolley Edge, Emley Moor, Holy Trinity church, Ossett, Gawthorpe Water Tower, a covered reservoir on Jaw Hill, and, to the north west, East Ardsley church. Wavy hair grass, Heath Bedstraw (not in flower today), Bracken and Gorse (in flower), plants typical of thin dry acid soils, grow here, on this heathy outcrop of sandstone. Cladonia lichen colonises bare patches, rush grows in the hollows.

The hill was once embanked around and used as a rabbit warren. On September 28th, 1641, three labourers appeared in court at Wakefield charged with;

'entering the warren, comonally called Lindall hill, belonging to Thomas, Earl Savile, and three killing with guns charged with powder and hail-shot two conies.'

alder catkinsrepolls Six Redpolls are attracted to the cone-laden branches of the Alders on the hill. They investigate the debris beneath, probably picking out the fallen seed.

redwing Twenty or more Redwings sit in the Hawthorns that screen the adjoining scrapyard. They seem to be just sitting there, enjoying the sun.

I'm used to wildlife documentaries on television where species are always involved in dramatic events and significant behaviour. It's strange to see that real-life wild birds sometimes sit around, apparently with nothing in particular to do.

Returning from the hill we walk through the churchyard of Alverthorpe Church, where a headstone records a mining tradegy;

headstone of David Kirk

To the Memory of
who was blown up into the
air by an explosion of
Fire Damp and afterward
fell into the Pit,
whilst Banking at Messrs
Barker and Child's Colliery
in this Village on the 13th
day of August 1851
Aged 55 years

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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