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Courgette and Couch

Tuesday 20th June 2000
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courgette plant
IT IS USUALLY a prickly business when it comes to harvesting the Courgettes. With so many distractions during the summer, weeding is low on my list of priorities and, although the courgette plant is big enough to fend for itself, it usually ends up surrounded by nettles and thistles. So I'm experimenting with planting the courgettes black aphids on knapweed stemthrough slits in a black plastic pond-liner. It worked well with the potatoes last year, although it's possible that slugs might like to shelter under the plastic at the foot of the plants.

To make it easier to water under the plastic, I fix a cut off plastic bottle into the ground. I put a few pebbles and crocks in it so it doesn't become a pitfall trap for small creatures.

By the towpath Blackfly feeding on Knapweed are lined up like soldiers.

couch grass Couch Grass is in flower alongside some footpaths. It's flowers are arranged in a flattened head, alternately, at bit like a fishbone. Tiny pale anthers, the pollen-bearing parts of flower, dangle from each flower. The anthers are also out on Cocksfoot.

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Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

E-mail; 'richard@daelnet.co.uk'

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