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Thursday 11th May 2000
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broad buckler fernhorse chestnut
WE TAKE OUR FIRST LONG WALK since returning from holiday. Broad Buckler Fern has unfurled and now forms big green shuttlecocks on the shady bank alongside Deadman's Lane. Bluebells are at their peak in the woodland walk along the edge of Thornhill Park. The Horse Chestnuts are covered with 'candles' of white blossom.

It is Lilac time in front gardens. Cherry blossom floats on the wind and collects in drifts beneath the trees. It has been a good year for cherry blossom, this time it didn't fall early because of heavy rain or wind.

St Mark's flySt Mark's flies dancing A red damselfly flies by the towpath. St Mark's Flies are still about.

tern A tern, probably a Common Tern, flies gracefully over the canal. I realise that in five days by the sea I don't remember having seen one.

We try two more forms of protection against the visiting hens; a chicken wire cloche over the next two rows of onion sets and a cat's cradle of nylon string between short lengths of garden cane around our Broad Bean plants.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

E-mail; 'richard@daelnet.co.uk'

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