Smell of Summer

Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Wednesday 12th May 1999

bludbell wood IN THE WOOD the Bluebells are still at their best, while by the canal Hawthorn is in blossom, and the damper meadows are sprinkled with buttercups. There is still a waft of garlic in the wood, so it is difficult to catch the hyacinth scent of the bluebells. The heady scent of hawthorn blossom hangs in the air.

buttercup meadow The Garden Warbler appears to have paired up. A Sedge Warbler sings and gives a short display flight from a big stand of rushes in the valley bottom meadow.

linnets, sketched last autumn Along the Balk lane, a small group of Linnets flies by and a single male Yellowhammer sits, but doesn't sing, on a wire.

house martin The House Martins haven't settled down yet to the business of nesting, but we see a few around.

Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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