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Tuesday 2nd November 1999, part 2/2

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Glass Houghton

FROM THE OUTSIDE, the redbrick town school in Castleford ('Ford by the Roman Fort') gives no clue to the leafy courtyard with its two ponds hidden inside. As I talk about my work as a wildlife illustrator to a class of seven year olds I hear the 'caw!' of a passing Crow.

Glass Houghton shopping mall An out-of-town shopping mall is bringing new life to the old Glass Houghton colliery site nearby, although it will probably take some trade away from the nearby town centres and create more traffic on the M62 motorway.

'They say that its a way to clear up the old spoil heap,' one of the staff at the school tells me, 'but it wasn't all dereliction. We look out on it at the back and a lot of it was beautiful. Now we look out at shops.'

'They're going to put in a wildlife area when they've completed the ski-dome and the Asda, but that won't be for years.'

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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