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Thursday 14th October 1999

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mole hills, crack willow leaveswillow
A STRING of molehills has appeared on the bank of the stream by the woodland path. The soil here, beneath the Crack Willows, is peat brown. In the spring Wild Garlic, Ransoms, which has soft, wide, leaves, grows in damp soil beneath the willows.

oaksandy soil, wavy hair grass
In contrast along the top path, where some small creature has dug a burrow, the soil is almost pure sand. Here, under Sessile Oaks, the Wavy Hair Grass is better adapted for the drier conditions, with its glossy, wiry leaves.

wavy hair grassrock brought up by plough
This top edge of the wood follows a sandstone outcrop. There is a small derelict quarry nearby and the plough has turned up large blocks of stone.

charolais calf at manger calf squeezing through By the lane we see a calf that seems to have been separated from the rest of the Charolais herd. It is in a small enclosure by the gate at a feeding trough. But as we walk by it turns and, with some difficulty, gets through the widely spaced bars to the field. It is a system that prevents the adult cattle from taking the feed intended for the calves.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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