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Pheasants in the Garden

Friday, 9th November 2001, West Yorkshire

hen pheasantpheasantAFTER A COUPLE of weeks when I've been printing and distributing my latest book it's a real treat to have a completely uninterrupted day writing.

On the rare occasions that I take a look outside the only wildlife that I notice is the most obvious, and come to think of it not all that wild; a cock and, later, a hen Pheasant strut around the garden. The seed feeder on the bird table is in almost constant use and pheasants seem to be attracted to the spilt grain.

robinblackbird The Robin is becoming a more frequent visitor the bird table, as is our resident Blackbird 'White-tail', which feeds not on the bird table itself but amongst the plants by the hedge at the foot of it. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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