At the Feeder

Wednesday, 29th December 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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seed feederpheasantOur new seed feeder proves popular with coal tits; at one stage there's one on each perch.

The pheasant has become accustomed to standing on the plastic drum (a water butt stand) that we've put the ground feeder on to try to put it beyond the reach of the local mice and voles. I must get around to drilling holes in the base of the feeder; the tray was full of water again today.


BraeburnsjuiceWe try out our new juicer - a Christmas gift (thank you Susan and Carl). With a small kitchen we don't want to get overwhelmed by gadgets but this one is simple to use and it turns four Braeburn apples, washed and cored, into some of the best apple juice - and by far the freshest - we've ever tastest.

You have to drink it reasonably soon after making it because it oxidises so quickly. There's a brownish froth which you can remove if you wish but, to make sure you get all the vitamins available it's probably better to stir it in.

The orange juice is equally good.


sycamorehandThe Christmas holidays have been so busy with social events that I've hardly had time to draw. I sit down and draw what I can see; a sycamore across the road framed by the last glow in the sky. When that fades into gloom I draw my hand holding the sketchbook.

There's generally something you can find to draw, it's finding the time to settle and do the drawing that's more difficult. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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