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Roughing it out

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Friday, 19th December 2008


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Picture map, River Calder
Staedtler permanent lumocolor

BEFORE I COMMIT myself to the final artwork, I want to quickly try out my ideas for the latest picture maps for my walks booklet. The booklet is only 32 pages long but when you’re beetling away as I do on the artwork that seems like a lot of space to fill. I’d like to quickly put together a complete version of the booklet with colour roughs of all the maps, illustrations and comic strips dropped in, so that as I’m laboriously producing the final artwork I can see exactly what I’m aiming at and tick off the illustrations one by one.


I’m trying a Stædtler permanent lumocolor marker which is waterproof on most surfaces, even on CDs. Warning: it bleeds through paper! But I like the way it bleeds every time I pause because that gives a variation to the line. As you can see, on the lettering it gives a blob at the end of each stroke, giving me instant blotty serifs.


It’s clear and lively but I don’t think that I would use it for the final artwork as I prefer the calmer effect that I get with my dip pen drawing.