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Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Friday, 20th June 2008

A LITTLE HOMAGE to one of my favourite paintings: Vuillard’s ‘Chimney-piece’ in the National Gallery.


Images have always been such an important part of my life and this week on eBay I’ve sold three items related to my fascination with collecting, processing and publishing images:


An Olympus Trip 35 mm camera which I bought at the pharmacy at Castle Douglas on my year’s ‘Britain’ sketchbook tour (published by Collins, 1981) because I felt the need for a more compact camera than my Pentax Spotmatic to fit in my haversack.


A Paterson System4 Developing Tank; but I didn’t ever have the precision and patience necessary to produce crisp black and white prints.


And the biggest item: my QMS Minolta Magicolor 330 oversize A3 colour laser printer. When I bought it in 2001 I felt that printing on demand was the way to go to publish my sketchbooks but the time and the expense of the colour toner make it impractical. I now get my sketchbooks printed professionally and I print my black and white walks booklets on a smaller A4 printer which has a duplex unit which means that I can print on both sides of the paper, so the book pops out collated and ready to bind.


As this was such a big item, the buyer called this evening to pick it up. The printer been such a part of my life, such a feature of the studio, that it was reassuring to meet him and know that it has found a good home.


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