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Art Spaces

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Monday, 23rd June 2008

PAINTER Peter Blake has said that when he starts a new painting, he likes to clear his workspace first; a formality that helps him clear his mind too.


With me, it’s a bit different; between bouts of reorganising my studio, I occasionally settle down to produce some artwork.


Well, that’s how it feels just now. Parting with my oversize A3 colour laser printer has given me extra space but to make the most of it I’ve had to guillotine all my stock of oversize paper to regular A4 size and nudge desk, book-stock and so on around in a kind of space-saving solitaire. But it’s so calm and clear here now.


Mouse Operator’s Arm

With all the book design work that I’ve had to do recently, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting clutching my mouse and I’ve had an RSI-type ache in my upper right arm.



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Rembering some advice I was once given, I’ve raised my office chair so my arms are horizontal as I type and my upper legs, between hip and knee, are horizontal too. I’ve even raised my screen on a large encyclopaedia, so I’m not slouching to read it.


I should also take a break of 5 minutes every hour.


Let’s hope it works! I think it must be time for a coffee now, anyway.