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Dryad’s Saddle

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Wednesday, 4th June 2008

I’VE OFTEN thought ‘if only I had my camera with me’ and today, as we drive out of Flockton, I remember that I have, so I pull up at a lay-by to go back and photograph this impressive specimen of dryad’s saddle fungus. It’s at least a foot across. It has pores, rather than gills on the underside.

On a smaller scale, this umbrella-like fungus has a cap the size of a drink’s mat. It’s growing by the pond by a composted bark path. The warmth and recent rain have probably encouraged it to sprout.


It looks like honey fungus but there are many similar-looking toadstools in the book.

Goldfish, drawn at the dentist’s this morning.

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