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The Paddock

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Thursday, 5th June 2008

The scheme was turned down by the council but it’s going to go to a public enquiry so here’s my suggestion: instead of building, which would create more hard surfaces and add to the flooding problem in the adjacent confluence of streams, keep this green-space and perhaps construct a pond in a hollow to take surplus water in times of heavy rain.

The wild flowers in this image were photographed around our garden pond and in our mini-meadow area and I’ve cloned them in to a panorama of the meadow as it is today.

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Like some of my neighbours, I’m concerned because I understood that, after it had been used for storage during the building work, the paddock would be restored to agricultural use, which around here would probably be for grazing horses.

THIS HEDGEROW, at the bottom of Netherton Hill, helps gives something of a rural air to the approach to the main Huddersfield-Wakefield road and it links with green corridors of trees alongside beck, canal and river to provide a network for passing wildlife. There are plans to cut down the ash trees and grub up the hedge-bank in a proposed final phase to the Calder Heights/Coxley Dell development.