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More Blue Pen

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Wednesday, 13th August 2008


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THERE’S NOTHING quite like homegrown tomatoes. Ours cherry tomatoes and the larger yellows are now ripening. As for the regular reds, the leaves of a couple of the Alicantes are going yellow so I gave them a feed today, watering the lower leaves as well as the soil around them.


Apart from that problem, the plants are doing better growing in soil in the raised bed in the greenhouse than they did when we grew them in buckets. I changed the soil in the bed in the spring, so I hope the yellowed leaves aren’t a sign of a virus lurking in the soil.

Our half an hour a day of gardening is working well, although even that can be difficult to fit in between summer showers. Half an hour each day strikes me as being better than putting in a 3½ hour session at the weekend because you’re going down the garden regularly and spotting problems or produce that needs harvesting.


While you might find yourself aching after a full morning of weeding, trimming or digging, a mere half hour is invigorating and it leaves me looking forward to tomorrow’s session.


New veg of the day: we got our first taste of our own kohl rabi today. It was about tennis ball size and tasted rather like turnip; sweetish and very slightly nutty. You can, apparently, eat the leaves too. Barbara steamed it, roughly diced, with carrots.