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Lemon in Blue

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Monday, 11th August 2008


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THERE’S PLENTY of blossom on our patio lemon but the raisin-sized green fruits soon drop off. Perhaps it’s been too cool and wet this summer. A gardener suggested that we sprinkle blood, fish and bone fertiliser on the compost and water it in to provide a slow-release feed.


I’ve been using my Parker Reflex fountain pen today for writing addresses on my press releases for Drawing on Reserves. I know that I could compile a database and print out self-adhesive labels but writing the addresses is a pleasure. I don’t rush them; I enjoy writing as much as I do drawing. I find the pen equally good for drawing, as here, but try to save it for writing as I’ve got so many drawing pens already!

30 minutes a day


Barbara read in an old Gardeners World magazine article which suggested that 30 minutes gardening a day is good for you so, instead of sitting straight down at the computer today, I went out and spent 30 minutes (precisely) cutting back the tiny meadow area, which I missed doing earlier because my shoulder problem. I kept checking the time because I didn’t want to get involved and suddenly discover I’d lost the morning. I was amazed how much progress I’d made after just ten minutes.


As I worked, I disturbed a frog, several snails and a slug (which I relocated) and a bushy-tailed ginger cat which looked surprised – if not shocked - to see me in this normally neglected corner of the garden.