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Fruits of our Labours

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary Friday, 8th August 2008


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WE STARTED compiling a booklet of walks in May but it has taken until this week for me to write up the first two. We tested one of them yesterday afternoon. It was a bit too warm and sultry to be perfect walking weather and we got bitten by mosquitos but at least we’ve made a a start.


Progress too on other titles: Drawing on Reserves, my latest paperback, will get a press launch on 4th October, when this online diary celebrates its tenth anniversary. Like the diary it’s about my twin passions of drawing and natural history. This afternoon the new editions of Sandal Castle and Thornes Park, came from the printers in their new, slightly larger format. I like the format (32 pages, saddle stitched) so I’m bubbling away with new ideas on how to use it in future publications.


The fruit bowl was drawn in Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 fibre tip. It has a tendency to waver freely over the paper, which was just the quality I wanted when I paused to draw this evening.