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Bird Spotting

Richard Bell’s nature diary, North Yorkshire, Thursday, 11th September 2008


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A FEMALE blackbird that we’ve seen for the first time this morning has three white spots on her back. A male - black with no spots, as normal - is with her.

This young goldfinch on the sunflower hearts feeder doesn’t seem too healthy. It sat fluffed up and not very active, feeding lethargically. I walked up to the feeder to check it out. It appeared to have some inflammation around its left eye but it flew off when I got within a few feet of it, so it can’t be too ill.

After the Break

There’s always so much to do when you get back from a break. We’d only been away for five days and we’d harvested what was ripe before we set off but in 5 or 10 minutes down the garden I came back with a veg box-full of spinach, kohl rabi, runner beans, cucumber, tomatoes and courgettes. Barbara picked a boiling of beetroots.


The larger of the two kohl rabi on the top left had gone soft inside; we seem to do better with golf-ball, rather than tennis ball-sized kohl rabis.

A Stroll Around the Coca Cola Factory

We’re walking and checking routes for my next booklet of local walks and I’m enjoying working on the maps because this time I’m going for colour. Here’s a detail from one of the shorter circuits which returns along a strip of countryside hemmed in by the M1 motorway on one side and world’s largest Coca Cola factory on the other, which is surprisingly well hidden on the ground.