Red Roots

Wild West Yorkshire nature diary
Monday 30th August 1999

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alder rootswillow roots MOSSY ALDER ROOTS buttress the shattered rock at the edge of the stream in the wood. Fine roots of a nearby Crack Willow, exposed at water level, are coloured red, while those underwater just are pale brown. There are iron-rich springs upstream, but the redness doesn't look like a rusty coating of iron salts.

yesterday's maiden voyage The rafts from yesterday's raft race at the canal-side pub have been set adrift overnight. We find 'The Titanic' and tie it to an Alder sapling by the bridge at the bottom of the lane. The Austin Powers, the Nuns' bath and a Hawiain raft haven't drifted as far.

kestrel The two Kestrels are hunting again over the field. The one flying higher shadows the other, as we've seen it do on a couple of occasions over the last week or so.

Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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