wood pigeons

Summer Evening

Friday 18th August 2000, West Yorkshire

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willow warbler A SMALL WARBLER perches on the plants behind the pond. It is greenish rather than greyish so I guess that it is a Willow Warbler rather than a chiff-chaff. Without hearing the song I find it impossible to distinguish these two species.

Despite the best efforts of the pigeon shooters, there is still a gentle cooing from the wood. A Wood Pigeon flies in towards the call.

hoverfly Hoverflies tend to dip into flowers several times before they land. It's a repeated stabbing action;

stab, stab, stab, . . . land

Perhaps it is a way of assessing the potential danger, for instance from Crab Spiders that might be waiting in ambush.

house martins House Martins circle above us, chirruping softly to each other. Typically a martin's flight pattern will be to flutter as if to gain height, then, sometimes altering course, to bank smoothly at speed.

kestrel A Kestrel flies into view and hunts above the meadow at the woodland edge, hovering against a pure blue sky. High clouds pattern the sky as the sun gets lower; archipelagoes of small flattened cumulus and standing waves, spaced like the bands on a zebra crossing.

It's good to eat our evening meal, and drink a glass of red wine, with the dome of the sky above us.

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