Morning Tide

Monday 11th September 2000, Anglesey, North Wales
speckled wood THE MORNING TIDE is in on the Meniai Straits. Cormorants sit it out, perched on the posts of an old jetty.

Narrow landes run between hedgebanks. Rose hips, Sloe, Blackberry and the orange berries of Cuckoo Pint are ripe. These tall hedgebanks, with a mixture of sunny sheltered spots and shady cover, seem to be a favourite habitat of the Speckled Wood butterfly.

Along one short stretch of the lane the trees on the hedgebanks have been allowed to arch over to form a green tunnel which looks magical in the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves.

Clouded Yellow butterflies prefer more open situations. They visit garden flowers and fly over the edge of the salt marsh.

As we walk along the tree-lined driveway after sunset there's the 'honk! honk!' of a Raven above us. From the fields there's a bleating of sheep while over the Straits we can hear the cry of a page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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