Tuesday 12th September 2000, Anglesey, North Wales
EVENING PRIMROSE and Viper's Bugloss grow on the sandy edges of the tracks through the plantations of Corsican Pine at Newborough (Ninbwrch). The plantations overlook Cefni Saltmarsh and Maltraeth Sands.

Wildlife illustrator Charles Tunnicliffe lived in a small house overlooking the inlet at Maltreath. His work was an inspiration to me as a child, in fact I saw very little wildlife art other than Tunnicliffe's. His work featured on picture cards that were given away between the wrappers in Brooke Bond tea and in a series of children's books about the seasons in the countryside, published by Ladybird books.

Did his work perfectly capture the character of the countryside of Anglesey, or is it the other way around - all these years later am I still seeing the island through Tunnicliffe's imagination.

If I had my time again would I move away from the hard bitten countryside of West Yorkshire to a wilder landscape rich in species?

Probably not. The Calder valley, for all it's faults, is home. It's where my roots are. Besides, I would probably have felt myself in Tunnicliffe's shadow if I had based myself here on this beautiful page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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