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Pond Clearance

Thursday 12th October 2000, West Yorkshire
water plants raked from the pondA WILDLIFE POND can't just be left to go wild. Our garden pond once became so overgrown that a chicken took a short cut right across the middle of it.

I take a rake and, carefully, so as not to puncture the liner, pull out the surplus vegetation. What looks like a delicate growth of surface plants hides a mass of roots, like a mattress of vermicelli, which fills half the pond. It doesn't take long to rake it to the sides,frog where I leave it so that any pond creatures have a chance to find their way back into the water.

pondweed I'm glad to get it out now. Over the winter it would have rotted down into a matted layer that would have been more difficult to remove. It's good to see the water again and let light and air get to the pond.

A few handfuls of pondweed (left) get raked out too, but I throw them back in to oxygenate the water. It has been shaded out by the floating plant so I feel I now want it to build up a bit to keep the pond in page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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