small tortoiseshell

Something in the Air

Sunday 15th October 2000, West Yorkshire
drone flydrone flyAFTER SO MANY grey rainy days today is better than some we had in summer.

Two Drone-flies meet in a mid-air clinch by the hedge.

We get a brief glimpse of a skipper butterfly which flies up from a roadside verge. Its flight is more direct than that of most butterflies. We haven't seen them often this year, certainly not in our garden.

small tortoiseshellA Small Tortoiseshell feeds on Michaelmas Daisies in a roadside garden.

wasp The sunny afternoon makes me decide that it's about time I cut the hedge. Mowing the grassy path alongside it I accidentally stir up a commotion on the wasps' nest. I was saying only the other day that they have been no trouble, even so I wait for the activity to die down before I gingerly back away the lawn page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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