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First Snow

Monday 30th October 2000, West Yorkshire
The Island, River Calder THE FIRST SNOW falls. It's wet and sits so heavily on the leaves of the Cotoneaster I've trained up the front of the house that it comes down in the wind.

the Calder in flood The River Calder is lapping around the trees on the banks again, within a few yards of lower windows of the riverside cottage and completely covering the bridge piers. Downstream at Castleford flood warnings have been issued to 700 homes close to the river.

Smithy BrookThe local brooks have been overloaded and in places appear to be as wide as the normal flow of the river. The tunnel that normally takes the brook down under the canal and into the river is, of course, blocked by the rising river and now it's gushing out of its overflow channels into the canal, which in turn is rising above its normal level. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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