Is it a Bird?

Sunday 3rd December 2000, West Yorkshire
linnetshaws A FLOCK of 50 Linnets flies up form Hawthorns by the Balk. They're little brown birds, smaller than sparrows and with a more cheerful, less argumentative call. Considering that there are such large flocks in the surrounding countryside it's surprising that we never see them in the garden.

heron Like the linnet, birds in general seem forever active, quick to fly away as you approach so it's rather unnerving to suddenly spot a young Heron standing completely motionless just across the canal. It is so still, so unconcerned by our presence, that I can't help asking myself 'is it really a bird?'

Apart from a brief quizzical tilt of its head it stays motionless as we walk page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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