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Peace Lily

Wednesday 13th December 2000, West Yorkshire
Sail Plant, Spathiphyllum wallisisailplant2.gif - 8992 Bytes
GALES sweep across Britain. Roofs have been ripped off in England and Wales. As the even this short December afternoon is plunged into premature darkness by an approaching storm coming down the valley from the Pennines, I decide take a break from the wilder side of West Yorkshire by drawing something tropical.
Sail Plant flower spatheThe Sail Plant, also known as the Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum wallisi, was introduced to Europe from Colombia by Gustav Wallis in 1824. The flower spathes, which give it its name, remind me of its relative in the Arum family, our native Wild Arum or Cuckoo Pint. The Sail Plant is one of some 27 species in the genus Spathophyllum, which are mainly found in tropical America but there's also a species from Malaysia.

It grows well as a house plant. It seems well suited to the light and warmth of our living room. It likes plenty of moisture; in summer it might need watering three times a week and even in the winter it can take watering once a week. It grows to about a foot page

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